Thursday, February 7, 2013

Random Notes from a Crank

What you see above is our half-bath off of our bedroom. Over the past couple of weekends, Mrs. Nasty and I renovated it. We have a pretty good process. She reads the directions, and we both do stuff with me doing a fair bit of the grunt work, which is perfectly fine. If something goes wrong, guess who didn't follow directions? 

As usual with home improvement, ripping out the old crud is fun. We took out the old sink and vanity and got rid of inefficient toilet. The first part of the process was laying the flooring, which was really quite easy. We used Allure flooring that looks like wood. We had a whole box of it left over from when we had a guy lay it in our kitchen and dining room. The main tool you need is a good utility knife. And patience. We put in a new toilet. Mrs. Nasty painted the walls a chocolate brown, which I like referring to as "sexual chocolate" if you get that reference from Coming to America. Then it came time install trim and quarter round, which was a new experience for us. I got to use a miter saw, and Mrs. Nasty is particularly good at using a coping saw for corners. We bought the sink and vanity at Home Depot for a good deal back in mid-January, so we had that already. Mrs. Nasty installed the faucet, and we got that ready this past weekend. We had originally thought we could connect the supply lines and p-valve below the sink, but after lining everything up to where the pipes and supply lines should connect, we obviously needed longer supply lines since the new vanity is taller than the old one. In addition, I looked at the plumbing parts we purchased. We looked at what was below the sink. Then we thought, "Why don't we just pay a professional to do that?" So today the plumber came and hooked it all up correctly. Victory. Now it's on to new flooring, trim, and a new vanity and sink in the main bath. 

Last week I reread the graphic novel Watchmen, a damn fine work that really exemplifies the nuclear paranoia during the Cold War. I'm pretty sure I read it back when it came out. And it's just a good story -- with superheroes. A few years back, I overheard some folks talking about the movie made from the novel, and they were dogging on the film. Now that I've read the book again and having recently watched the film, I thought the movie adaptation was quite good. Whenever something moves to film, there are aspects of the original that will get cut, but the film is pretty true to the book. 

Delving back into a graphic novel from the 80s got my mind wandering though...

I wonder what Donna Rice is up to?

It sure isn't "monkey business." 

And what about Fawn Hall

One of my favorite new stories of that era is the fact she shredded documents and took them out of North's office in her dress. Those acts seem like appropriate images for the Reagan administration. 

Can you tell I was an adolescent male in the 80s and I followed political affairs?  


Mrs. Nasty said...

Excuse Me... I believe we did a 50-50 split on the manual labor - I did all the painting (walls and molding), all of the joints for the molding as well as cutting the trim back out with my handy dandy Rigid multi purpose tool so the sink would fit.... Even steven buster.... Also - who was the one who kept cutting the wrong side of the flooring - NOT I!!

fern said...

Beautiful! I love that sink. Square is my favorite shape, and there is just something right about the slope in front. Nice work team.

Quintilian B. Nasty said...

@Mrs. Nasty Hilarious. I don't know what you're talking about.

Thanks Fern.