Friday, October 21, 2016

Music Friday: "Blood"

One of my friends on FB recently posted about how Pearl Jam is his favorite band. 

In honor of Mr. Grone, I offer "Blood."

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sunday Hangover: Tennessee


Taken out behind the woodshed.

Total domination. 

That's what that game was. 

Besides a brutal sack that made Hurts cough up the football and then the Tennessee offense had a short field to score, the Vol offense didn't do much yesterday. They only managed 11 first downs, 32 net yards rushing, and 131 net yards passing. 

The Crimson Tide ran the ball well with Hurts being the leading rusher: 132 net yards and 3 touchdowns. Scarbrough contributed 109 yards with one huge run for a score, and Harris provided 94 net yards. 

From the look of it, the running game has gone back to having three solid contributors at running back (Harris, Scarbrough, and Jacobs), which reminds me of the running trio of 2009: Ingram, Richardson, and Upchurch. However, Hurts is a clear threat to defenses. That's a wrinkle we saw when Blake Sims was QB. 

Hurts needs to improve as a passer. He missed some guys yesterday, and Saban was quite vocal about getting better in that phase of the game. 

Next up is Texas A&M, a really good team. 

[Belated] Music Friday: "Blue Train"

Here's a classic in jazz history, "Blue Train" by John Coltrane. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Stay Positive: Power Man and Iron Fist

I finally finished Luke Cage last night. It was a good series, but I think I enjoyed Jessica Jones more. One plot line I had a hard time buying was that Diamondback was Cage's half brother and that he somehow became this major crime kingpin. So I had to suspend my disbelief and just enjoy the show. The first season did provide some surprising plot twists, and I guess I didn't really know Cage's origin story. At least I didn't remember it.   

I got this comic book in the mail this week. 

I read all of it, the collected issues (1-5), in one sitting. Issue 5 is hilarious. I mean laugh-out-loud hilarious to me. 

As you can imagine, I'm geeked up about this upcoming series. 

Monday, October 10, 2016

Random Notes from a Crank

Unfortunately, whenever I buy Skittles or Tic Tacs, I'm going to feel weird doing so. Thanks to Donald Trump for ruining that for me. 

This issue reminds of how Bill Clinton made me think of cigars in a different light. The difference, I believe, is that Lewinsky was probably cool with that. 

I was surprised that Monica's name didn't come up in the second presidential debate. Trump was throwing everything else at Hillary. 

If Trump loses, I hope he takes down the GOP and split the party into two factions: the Tea Party people and somewhat reasonable and civil conservatives (like the people who write for The American Conservative). I don't think that'll happen though. If Trump loses, it'll certainly damage the Republican brand for a short while. 

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Random Notes from a Crank

I detest people who tell me that I "should believe in God" and people who want to insert all kinds of religious-based nonsense into politics and government. Now we have people wanting to put "In God We Trust" on cop cars and governmental buildings. As a curative to this crap, read "The Danger of Claiming That Rights Come from God" from Psychology Today

This happening is a bit of a surprise, but The Atlantic has endorsed Hillary Clinton for the presidency. That current affairs/cultural magazine has only endorsed a presidential candidate twice before with Lincoln and Johnson. Check it out: "Against Donald Trump." 

Here a some juicy quotations from the article: 

  • We are impressed by many of the qualities of the Democratic Party’s nominee for president, even as we are exasperated by others, but we are mainly concerned with the Republican Party’s nominee, Donald J. Trump, who might be the most ostentatiously unqualified major-party candidate in the 227-year history of the American presidency.
  • Donald Trump, on the other hand, has no record of public service and no qualifications for public office. His affect is that of an infomercial huckster; he traffics in conspiracy theories and racist invective; he is appallingly sexist; he is erratic, secretive, and xenophobic; he expresses admiration for authoritarian rulers, and evinces authoritarian tendencies himself. He is easily goaded, a poor quality for someone seeking control of America’s nuclear arsenal. He is an enemy of fact-based discourse; he is ignorant of, and indifferent to, the Constitution; he appears not to read.
  • We believe in American democracy, in which individuals from various parties of different ideological stripes can advance their ideas and compete for the affection of voters. But Trump is not a man of ideas. He is a demagogue, a xenophobe, a sexist, a know-nothing, and a liar. He is spectacularly unfit for office, and voters—the statesmen and thinkers of the ballot box—should act in defense of American democracy and elect his opponent.

In light of Friday's bombshell from the Washington Post about Donald Trump, the Tic Tac company made some comments: "Tic Tac Denounces Donald Trump." 

Sunday Hangover: Arkansas

The Tide offense pretty much did whatever they wanted against the Razorbacks. 

On the first series of the game, Alabama marched right down the field, but Jacobs fumbled after being clocked on his funny bone. He was cleared to come back in the game in the second half, but the coaching staff held him out. As a result, Damien Harris rushed for 122 yards, and Scarbrough got more playing time. He gained 58 yards on 7 carries. 

It was great having Stewart back. He had an outstanding game in receiving. Hurts also hit TEs Howard and Forristall for long gains, but the balls were a bit behind them. If they would have been thrown more accurately, both might have gone to the house on those plays. 

The D played great at times, but in some series, Austin Allen carved up the secondary with accurate throws. Cornelius is the Razorbacks' best receiver, and he had 146 yards receiving. How he had that good of a game is disconcerting. 

If Alabama wants to beat Tennessee next Saturday, the Tide's passing defense will need to be much better. 

Friday, October 7, 2016

Music Friday: "All I Ever Wonder"

If you want to listen to some old school R&B, St. Paul and the Broken Bones is the band you might want to listen to. 

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Random Notes from a Crank

Instead of focusing so much on the how Trump maligned a former Miss Universe, I think the media needs to focus on how Trump needs to lose weight and the horrible effects of tanning beds. 

Esquire reports that Let It Be by The Replacements is Tim Kaine's favorite album and then does a bout of pop psychology about that choice

As an avid book reader, I am troubled by books not providing the traditional "About the Type" information. For example, here is the "about the type" statement for Ta-Nehisi Coates' Between the World and Me: "The book was set in Bembo, a typeface based an old-style Roman face that was used for Cardinal Pietro's Bembo's tract De Aetna in 1495. Bembo was cut by Francesco Griffo (1450-1518) in the early sixteenth century for Italian Renaissance printer and publisher Aldus Manutius (1449-1515). The Lanston Monotype Company of Philadelphia brought the well-proportioned letterforms of Bembo to the United States in the 1930s."

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Random Notes from a Crank

With college football on Saturday and us doing stuff on Sunday, I forgot that Luke Cage was available on Netflix this past Friday. I'm only a few episodes in, but I like it a lot. 

One of my favorite classes I had as an undergrad was Mythology. I stumbled across this article via Scientific American the other day: "Scientists Trace Society's Myths to Primordial Origins." I like the research this person is doing, but you can see these patterns just by studying world mythologies. There are four types of creation myths and two types of fertility myths. Reading Campbell's The Hero with a Thousand Faces, Frazier's The Golden Bough, and Mencken's Treatise on the Gods can do everyone a lot of good. Reading those could certainly help people from saying their religion/mythology is the "right" one. 

One of my dad's stories that he has related over the years is that when he was in Iowa and went to bar and asked the waitress for a Griesedieck, he got slapped. The company is apparently going to open a brewery sometime soon

I read recently that ABC is reviving The Gong Show. I look forward to that. In that same article, the author relates that both the 20,000 Pyramid and The Match Game were aired this summer, and they'll be back. How the hell did I miss those? 

A listicle about the "20 Saddest Cities" came across my FB feed, so I figured to click away. Some of my quick takeaways are the following:

  • Don't move to Ohio.
  • I'm surprised St. Louis and Indy are on it.
  • Knoxville is supposed to be great, I'm told.
  • Detroit and Buffalo are not surprising.
  • Same goes for Birmingham.
  • I like Louisville, and how can it be sad with easy access to such a diversity of bourbon?  
  • Memphis has the second-highest violent crime rate in the nation? Wow.

Monday, October 3, 2016

[Belated] Sunday Hangover: Kentucky

It's been a while since Alabama played Kentucky in football. 

As we've seen in past games this season, the Tide's D played well. Harrison picked up a stripped ball for a touchdown, which adds yet another non-offenisve touchdown to the season. 

As for the offense, they put together some good plays in the first half but didn't put together many decent drives. Despite Coach Saban barking at Hurts for not hitting a wide-open O.J. Howard on a long pass and some other gaffes, the freshman quarterback played fairly well. 

Ridley had a heck of a game. So did true freshman Joshua Jacobs. He rushed for exactly 100 yards. During the game both Mrs. Nasty and I commented that he reminds of Mark Ingram, one of my favorite Alabama running backs. My next dog will probably be called Ingram even though it'll probably be a female. 

The next three games are going to be tough: at Arkansas, at Tennessee (who seem to be able to pull wins out of their ass), and vs. Texas A&M. 

Friday, September 30, 2016

Music Friday: "Santa Fe" & "The Fourth Night of My Drinking"

I purchased two new releases this morning: American Band by Drive-By Truckers and Remember Us to Life by Regina Spektor. 

Since I haven't given American Band a few listens yet, I thought I'd share a couple of songs from one of the band's more recent albums, The Big To-Do.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Stay Positive: Death Wishes

Some might consider this post morbid, but it is a way to officially lodge how I want my funeral to happen. 

I remember back to when one of my friends, Roy, died. He knew he was going to go, and he obviously laid out how he wanted his funeral to happen ~ down to music that was played at the service. 

First off, I don't want a religious service when I die. No priest or reverend or other such stuff. Religion need not apply when I die. I'm not "in a better place now." 

I want to be cremated. So the place I'll be in is some kind of receptacle. 

For the service, just gather people together to have a good time, to celebrate that they're still alive. And you can talk about me if you like, but the point is that you're still alive, you lucky bastards. 

I don't know if a funeral parlor will allow this, so you may have to rent some kind of a hall for the proceedings. Have a potluck dinner where people bring what they like to eat or maybe dishes I liked to eat. Food is important. I like pie, so note that point. 

There needs to be libations. If possible, get a keg of Schlitz for the party. If Schlitz isn't available, Sam Adams Boston lager will work. Also, some manner of a good IPA is necessary. Bourbon is my favorite hard liquor, so have some of that on hand, but not any of the boring and rudimentary bourbon like Jack Daniel's or Jim Beam. Some good choices are Four Roses Single Barrel, Heaven Hill 100 proof 6 year old (you'll have to travel to Indiana or Kentucky to acquire that juice), Eagle Rare, Elijah Craig, Old Forester 100 proof, Evan Williams 100 proof, and Buffalo Trace. I also like gin, so I suggest Beefeater and Bombay regular. Gin and tonics would be a good choice if I croak in the summertime. 

But overall, you just need to get together and have a good time some night to celebrate life. 

Like my friend's funeral, I want to control the music choices. So what follows is the playlist that should happen. 

This is a long list, and it's done via alpha order (via iTunes) of the artists:

  • Born Under a Bad Sign, Albert King
  • I Stay Away, Alice in Chains
  • Shake the Walls, Amanda Shires
  • Katherine Belle, American Aquarium
  • Burn. Flicker. Die, American Aquarium
  • Moanin', Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers
  • Show Me How to Live, Audioslave
  • Shadow on the Sun, Audioslave
  • Down with the Shine, Avett Brothers
  • Talk on Indolence, Avett Brothers
  • I and Love and You, Avett Brothers
  • Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise, Avett Brothers
  • Never Stop, The Bad Plus
  • In 3s, Beastie Boys
  • Shake Your Rump, Beastie Boys
  • Selfless, Cold, and Composed, Ben Folds Five
  • Army, Ben Folds Five
  • Shimmer and Shine, Ben Harper
  • Ground on Down (Live from Mars version), Ben Harper
  • Till I Get My Way, Black Keys
  • Tones of Home, Blind Melon
  • Change, Blind Melon
  • No Rain, Blind Melon
  • Shine On, Blitzen Trapper
  • Street Fighting Sun, Blitzen Trapper
  • See a Little Light, Bob Mould
  • Black Sheets of Rain, Bob Mould
  • Disappointed, Bob Mould
  • Welfare Music, The Bottle Rockets
  • Perfect Far Away, The Bottle Rockets
  • Zoysia, The Bottle Rockets
  • Give Me Room, The Bottle Rockets
  • Shape of a Wheel, The Bottle Rockets
  • Keep Your Heart Young, Brandi Carlile
  • St. Thomas, Branford Marsalis Quartet
  • Lonesome Day, Bruce Springsteen
  • American Land, Bruce Springsteen
  • Waitin', Caitlin Rose
  • Everywhere I Go, Caitlin Rose
  • When I Win the Lottery, Camper Van Beethoven
  • One of These Days, Camper Van Beethoven
  • Life Is Grand, Camper Van Beethoven
  • Come On In My Kitchen, Cassandra Wilson
  • All the Talkers, Centro-matic
  • Salty Disciple, Centro-matic
  • Murderer of Blue Skies, Chris Cornell
  • A Murder of One, Counting Crows
  • Holiday in Spain, Counting Crows
  • Pedestrian at Best, Courtney Barnett
  • God Shuffled His Feet, Crash Test Dummies
  • Afternoons and Coffeespoons, Crash Test Dummies
  • From the Right Angle, Dawes
  • All Your Favourite Bands, Dawes
  • You Are a Tourist, Death Cab for Cutie
  • The New Year, Death Cab for Cutie
  • The Sound of Settling, Death Cab for Cutie
  • Little White Lies, Deer Tick
  • American Pie, Don McLean
  • The Day John Henry Died, Drive-By Truckers (John Henry is my favorite folktale)
  • Grand Canyon, Drive-By Truckers
  • Postcard from 1952, Explosions in the Sky
  • One Day, Fishbone
  • Everyday Sunshine, Fishbone
  • When My Train Pulls In, Gary Clark Jr. 
  • Shout It From the Rooftops, Glossary
  • Nothing Can Hurt You Now, Glossary
  • Poor Boy, Glossary
  • Headstones and Dead Leaves, Glossary
  • Hold Me Down, Glossary
  • Days Go By, Glossary
  • Save Your Money for the Weekend, Glossary
  • Trouble Won't Always Last, Glossary
  • A Shoulder to Cry On, Glossary
  • Some Eternal Spark, Glossary (I obviously like the band Glossary a lot. It's a band most people don't know about.)
  • Welcome to the Jungle, Guns-n-Roses (Delta Delta)
  • The Humorist, Ha Ha Tonka (a song about Mark Twain, one of my favorite writers)
  • Kiss You Down There, Hackensaw Boys
  • Hey Good Looking, Hank Williams (My mom used to sing this often.)
  • Long Gone Lonesome Blues, Hank Williams
  • There's a Tear in My Beer, Hank Williams
  • Stomp and Holler, Hayes Carll
  • Bad Liver and a Broken Heart, Hayes Carll
  • She Left Me for Jesus, Hayes Carll
  • Stuck Between Stations, The Hold Steady
  • Stay Positive, The Hold Steady
  • Sittin' on Top of the World, Howlin'Wolf
  • Used to Did, J Roddy Watson and the Business
  • I Don't Want to Hear It, J Roddy Watson and the Business
  • Gone, Jack Johnson 
  • Sleep Through the Static, Jack Johnson
  • We Can't Make It There, James McMurtry
  • Choctaw Bingo, James McMurtry
  • Something in the Way She Moves, James Taylor (for Mrs. Nasty, our wedding song)
  • Ocean Size, Jane's Addiction
  • Grown, Jason Isbell
  • The Blue, Jason Isbell
  • Streetlights, Jason Isbell
  • Alabama Pines, Jason Isbell
  • Songs That She Sang in the Shower, Jason Isbell
  • Relatively Easy, Jason Isbell
  • 24 Frames, Jason Isbell
  • Goddamn Lonely Love (Live in Alabama version), Jason Isbell
  • Waiting for the Sun, Jayhawks
  • When You're Hot, You're Hot, Jerry Reed
  • Bad, Bad Leroy Brown, Jim Croce (one of my favorite songs when I was a kid)
  • Come On (Let the Good Times Roll), Jimi Hendrix
  • Beautiful World, JJ Grey and Mofro
  • On Fire, JJ Grey and Mofro
  • 99 Shades of Crazy, JJ Grey and Mofro
  • Harp and Drums, JJ Grey and Mofro
  • John Deere Green, Joe Diffie (I used lots of quarters for this song to play at The Flamingo)
  • Stay and Dance, Joe Pug
  • The Great Despiser, Joe Pug
  • Downbound Train, Joe Pug
  • Blue Train, John Coltrane
  • Satan and St. Paul, John Fulbright
  • Human Wheels, John Mellencamp
  • Longest Days, John Mellencamp
  • Stones in My Pasway, John Mellencamp
  • Ring of Fire, Johnny Cash
  • A Boy Named Sue (live), Johnny Cash
  • Man in Black, Johnny Cash (My daughter's favorite Johnny Cash song)
  • Wolves, Josh Ritter
  • Thin Blue Flame, Josh Ritter
  • Change of Time, Josh Ritter
  • Rattling Locks, Josh Ritter
  • Another New World, Josh Ritter
  • Getting Ready to Get Down, Josh Ritter
  • Where the Night Goes, Josh Ritter
  • Lone Pine Hill, Justin Townes Earle
  • Ain't Waitin', Justin Townes Earle
  • Hangover Heart, Kudzu Kings
  • What Are You Willing to Lose?, Lucero
  • Mercy Mercy Me (the Ecology), Marvin Gaye
  • One, Metallica (one of the best music videos of all time)
  • For Whom the Bell Tolls, Metallica
  • Yea Alabama, Million Dollar Band (Alabama's fight song ~ please play this more than once)
  • Ho Cake, Mofro (mmmm, a song about Southern cooking)
  • Brighter Days, Mofro
  • Fireflies, Mofro
  • I Just Want to Make Love to You, Muddy Waters
  • Don't Let It Bring You Down, Neil Young
  • Heart of Gold, Neil Young
  • Walk On, Neil Young
  • Thrasher, Neil Young
  • Pocahontas, Neil Young
  • This Tornado Loves You, Neko Case
  • Zigaboogaloo, Nicholas Payton
  • Elephant in the Corn, Nickel Creek
  • Lithium, Nirvana
  • Shake Em On Down, North Mississippi All Stars
  • I Can't Turn You Loose, Otis Redding
  • Crazy Train, Ozzy Osbourne
  • Evenflow, Pearl Jam
  • Go, Pearl Jam
  • Blood, Pearl Jam
  • Love Boat Captain, Pearl Jam
  • Faithful, Pearl Jam
  • Do the Evolution, Pearl Jam 
  • Wishlist, Pearl Jam
  • Infallible, Pearl Jam
  • Wish You Were Here, Pink Floyd
  • Everybody's Trying, Poi Dog Pondering
  • Fruitless, Poi Dog Pondering
  • Spirits in the Material World, Police
  • When the World Is Running Down, You Make the Best of What's Still Around, Police
  • To Defy the Laws of Tradition, Primus (one of the best shows I saw was a double-bill of Primus and Fishbone)
  • Harold of the Rocks, Primus
  • Tommy the Cat, Primus
  • Rye Whiskey, Punch Brothers
  • Who's Feeling Young Now?, Punch Brothers
  • Magnet, Punch Brothers
  • Little Lights, Punch Brothers
  • Find the River, R.E.M.
  • It's the End of the World as We Know It (and I Feel Fine), R.E.M.
  • Feeling Gravity's Pull, R.E.M.
  • Driver 8, R.E.M.
  • These Days, R.E.M.
  • Sad Professor, R.E.M
  • Wake Up. Rage Against the Machine
  • Two Birds, Regina Spektor
  • All the Rowboats, Regina Spektor
  • Unsatisfied, The Replacements
  • Left of the Dial, The Replacements
  • I Don't Know, The Replacements
  • Valentine, The Replacements ("You wish upon a star, and it turns into a plane." For whatever reason that sentence has haunted me for years.)
  • Can't Hardly Wait, The Replacements
  • Anywhere's Better than Here, The Replacements
  • Happy Town, The Replacements
  • 10,000 Chinese Walk into a Bar, Robert Earl Keen
  • Soul Refreshing, Robert Randolph and the Family Band
  • Blues Jam, Rollins Band
  • Of Kindred Souls, Roy Hargrove
  • Strasbourg/St. Denis, Roy Hargrove Quintet
  • Working Man, Rush
  • Ring Them Bells, Sarah Jarosz
  • Broussard's Lament, Sarah Jarosz
  • Sing a Simple Song, Sly and the Family Stone
  • Everyday People, Sly and the Family Stone
  • I Am One, Smashing Pumpkins
  • Out of the Picture, Son Volt
  • Driving the View, Son Volt
  • Bandages and Scars, Son Volt
  • Down to the Wire, Son Volt
  • When the Wheels Don't Move, Son Volt
  • Rusty Cage, Soundgarden (If I could have a "walk-up" song before I teach like baseball players before they hit, this would be it.)
  • Jesus Christ Pose, Soundgarden
  • 4th of July, Soundgarden
  • Superunknown, Soundgarden
  • Non-State Actor, Soundgarden
  • Rowing, Soundgarden
  • Voodoo Chile (Slight Return), Stevie Ray Vaughn
  • Testify, Stevie Ray Vaughn
  • Higher Ground, Stevie Wonder
  • Consider Me Gone (Bring on the Night live album), Sting
  • Another Day (Bring on the Night live album), Sting
  • Life Ain't Fair and the World Is Mean, Sturgill Simpson
  • Turtles All the Way Down, Sturgill Simpson
  • Come See about Me, Tedeschi Trucks Band
  • Let Me Get By, Tedeschi Trucks Band
  • Hunger Strike, Temple of the Dog (basis for our pledge class song)
  • Monk's Dream, Thelonious Monk Quartet
  • Birdhouse in Your Soul, They Might Be Giants
  • This Land Is Our Land, Todd Snider
  • Moon Dawg's Tavern, Todd Snider
  • Statistician's Blues, Todd Snider
  • D.B. Cooper, Todd Snider
  • Keep Off the Grass, Todd Snider
  • Ballad of Devil's Backbone Tavern, Todd Snider (great message)
  • Happy New Year, Todd Snider
  • In the Beginning, Todd Snider
  • Big Finish, Todd Snider
  • Runnin' Down a Dream, Tom Petty
  • Wildflowers, Tom Petty (For my daughter ~ I want it to be the song played for the dad-bride dance at her wedding.)
  • Even the Losers, Tom Petty 
  • Suburbia, Trombone Shorty
  • Hurricane Season, Trombone Shorty
  • Gin, Smoke, Lies, Turnpike Trobadours
  • Mooshiner, Uncle Tupelo
  • Chickamauga, Uncle Tupelo
  • Linus and Lucy, Vince Guaraldi
  • Thanksgiving Theme, Vince Guaraldi
  • Skating, Vince Guaraldi (Some of my favorite childhood memories are watching Charlie Brown specials with my parents. Reading Peanuts and then comic books primed my passion for reading.)
  • Thank God for Girls, Weezer
  • Hard Luck Story, Whiskeytown
  • Tennessee Square, Whiskeytown
  • Ain't Life Grand, Widespread Panic
  • Coconut, Widespread Panic ("Gone" by Jack Johnson and this one are songs I used to play in my daughter's room in St. Louis, and we'd dance.)
  • This Land Is Your Land, Woody Guthrie
  • Uptown Ruler, Wynton Marsalis (I listened to Soul Gestures in Southern Blue, particularly vol. 2, often when revising my dissertation.)

Sunday Hangover: Kent State

It's hard to complain about a shutout. 

I am concerned about how some of the Crimson Tide players are getting hurt. Damien Harris, the first-string running back, went out of the game with a hurt ankle. And a few other guys rested out this game. 

On the upside, Jacobs looks like a solid running back. 

Hurts looked good. 

Barnett played a good game. 

The offensive line played well. 

Cam Sims had a good game. 

The defense played well. 

They threw some passes O.J. Howard's way. 

We got to see Diggs play on offense some, which I'm excited about. 

Friday, September 23, 2016

Music Friday: "Quitter"

The other week I got three new albums from St. Paul and the Broken Bones, Amanda Shires, and Dawes. 

Of the three, the new album by Dawes is probably my favorite of the bunch. 

Here's a song, in part, that about the sunk-cost fallacy