Friday, February 27, 2015

Music Friday: "These Things I've Come to Know"

A couple of new albums came out this Tuesday. The first is J.J. Grey and Mofro's Ol' Glory. The second album is James McMurtry's Complicated Game

I'm featuring a tune from McMurtry's album today, and it's "These Things I've Come to Know." This song reminds me of one of my favorite Jason Isbell tunes, "Streetlights." 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Random Notes from a Crank

A) As I write this portion of the post, I'm sitting here at gate B14 as I wait for my plane to arrive to take me to Charlotte and then Greenville, SC for a conference. 

I suspect the flight will be delayed some because of the weather in NC. 

I haven't been in a book store in a while, so went into an airport bookstore and discovered Neil Gaiman has a book of short fiction out and David O. Stewart has a new book published called Madison's Gift: Five Partnerships That Built America. I really enjoyed Stewart's American Emperor: Aaron's Burr's Challenge to Jefferson's America. I suspect I'll be picking up those books soon but probably after I at least finish Wendell Berry's Our Only World.

B) It's been over a decade since I've been in the Charlotte airport back when I was routed through there for various job interviews in '02. I had forgotten how big the airport is. And hot. They have the heat turned up way too high. And it's full of slow walkers. As usual, the airport's white rocking chairs were fully used in the atriums. 

C) I'm here in Greenville, and it's snowing like hell. 

Friday, February 20, 2015

Music Friday: "Doesn't Remind Me" & "Show Me How to Live"

This week I've been listening to Audioslave a lot. I prefer Soundgarden by a wide margin over Audioslave, but the latter band put out some solid albums and great tunes. 

Today I offer a couple of my favorites.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Random Notes from a Crank

How depressing. I found out the other day that Marvel killed off one of the best comic book characters of all time, Wolverine. If you're guessing that I bought the Death of Wolverine, you would be right. 

Sad to see that badass go. 

The other day I danced in front of the dog when I was listening to Weezer's blue album. She stared at me with a weird look. Bitch...

Oh Oklahoma, you've got to be one the top five states that has the craziest legislators ~  and craziest residents because they vote for those morons. 

Saturday, February 14, 2015

[Belated] Music Friday: "Phosphorescent Blues"

I would have gotten to this yesterday, but I was just exhausted from being a keynote speaker, driving home from downtown Chicago in rush hour traffic, and then making it just in time to catch the last thirty minutes of the Daddy-Daughter Dance last night. 

But let's get past all this apologizing. 

The fine fellows of the Punch Brothers have a new album out. Check out the title track. 

Friday, February 6, 2015

Music Friday: "Wolves" & "Katherine Belle"

One album I'm looking forward is American Aquarium's new release, Wolves

So below is the title track of the album with "Katherine Belle" from Dances for the Lonely thrown in for good measure. 

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Band Names Part Five

As I did once in 2012couple of times in 2013, and another time in 2014, I'm providing some band names I've thought of. 

Here they are:
  • Deflated Balls
  • Plausible Deniability
  • Vasa Deferentia
  • Obstructors of Justice
  • Age of Acceleration
  • Marrow Bone
  • Shady Ladies
  • Flag Decals
  • Boozeroonies
  • Barn Dancers
  • Mr. Pitifuls
  • Pixelation
  • Wire-Sewn Heart
  • Mind Riot
  • Dislike Buttons
  • Over-Sharers
  • Human Rain Delay
  • Russian Characters
  • Big Pink Machine
  • PEDs
  • Those Who Cannot
  • Stiffnecks
  • MIscreants

Friday, January 30, 2015

Music Friday: "Black Sun"

Death Cab for Cutie is a band I came into liking late. They've been around a while now. And they've kind of taken over for the place that R.E.M. holds for me, a indie-pop-rock band I enjoy listening to when I'm jonesin' for such music. 

I wanted to stay up to see their performance on Letterman last night, but I feel asleep on the couch. So this is what I didn't see since I slumbered last night. 

Monday, January 26, 2015

Stay Positive: Vasectomies

Well, it's been arranged. It's all over. Ladies, you will soon lose my beautiful sperm from the gene pool. This March I will get a vasectomy. Ladies de Kirksville, you had your chances. Mrs. Nasty got to 'em, and now they'll be officially closed out. When we wanted them to, my boys swam and gave us two beautiful children. After early March I will no longer sire children. 

My phone conversation to set up the appointment was slightly humorous though. I asked the nurse, "So I just come on in and get snipped? Anything else I need to know?" She gave a polite chortle and offered some more details. 

What's a bit disturbing is how my doctor's office is a regular vasectomy factory. One dude does it: Fridays at 1pm. Every week. Nothing like starting your weekend by ending your force of procreation. 

I'm trying to stay positive, but recommendations of wearing tight-fitting underwear and cooling down my groin with a package of frozen corn aren't exactly prospects to look forward to. 

Friday, January 23, 2015

Music Friday: "Go Cubs Go"

I'm sad to hear about the passing of Ernie Banks. 

On a more positive note, I offer "Go Cubs Go."

Friday, January 16, 2015

Stay Positive: @#$% People Say Videos

Music Friday: "Teenage Riot" & "Rain King"

Today I offer a couple of songs from one of the best alternative albums of the 80s, Sonic Youth's Daydream Nation. I listened to this album a lot back in the late 80s and 90s. And heck, I'm listening to it right now. Great stuff. 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Random Notes from a Crank

I introduced my kids to Andy Capp's Cheddar Fries. That's a damn fine snack food. Too bad the comic strip is basically about a guy who is an alcoholic. Or at least a guy who drinks too much. 

I guess we might be able to say the same thing about Homer Simpson.

If you like a good documentary about mass corruption, political kickbacks, oligarchic wealth, and possible/probable conspiracy theories, I have a recommendation. And no it's not about our American "democracy." It's about Vladimir Putin. Check out PBS Frontline's Putin's Way

ESPN's Way-Too-Early Top 25 has the Crimson Tide ranked at 10. I think that's a fair evaluation. There are important question marks at LG, RG, RT, LB, QB, and Safety. 

Monday, January 12, 2015

Random Notes from a Crank

Today is my birthday. I think I was in my late 20s when my attitude toward birthdays changed. People like to celebrate 'em, but when it comes down to it, it's just another day closer to death. I'll take and appreciate the presents and kind notes from friends though. I'm not that dark. 

My birthday presents were a couple of new wristwatches. Over the holidays I lost my trusty brown-leather-band Peugeot watch that I've probably had for at least a decade. I've replaced a few batteries and bands over the years. I got one watch with Roman numerals that's a bit dressier, and I got another with numbers that's more casual.

I've heard people say that watches are no longer being worn as much because people look at the time via their smartphones. I think there's a bit of bunk to that notion because often people ask me what time it is because they see I have a wristwatch on.  

The national championship game is tonight. Of course, I'm sore that the Crimson Tide squad is not in it. I'll be rooting for Oregon. Ohio State is a hot team though. Their big plays and the injuries Alabama players sustained in the second half did the Tide in.  

The good guys got revenge in the Iron Bowl and then won the SEC Championship, so there's a bit of solace in those happenings.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Music Friday: "Wait a While" & "Big Cig"

Here's a tune from the latest album from The Hold Steady. In the comments of my Top Twentysomething Albums of 2014 post, Fozzie said "Wait a While" was one of his favorite songs on the album. One of my favorites is "Big Cig."