Friday, February 22, 2013

Music Friday: "Lord Mr. Ford"

Last weekend, the Nasty family took a trek to the local megamart to buy something -- I don't remember exactly what. Nevertheless, in the bargain bins near the electronics section, there were two bins full of CDs offering them at five bucks apiece. 

I found a good one amongst the detritus of hits past. The CD is a greatest hits compilation from Jerry Reed. The title is simple: Country.

He just does that genre, not the other genre, which we all know is "Western." 

Anyway, the CD is fun. I know most of the songs, but I don't recall ever hearing "Lord Mr. Ford," Reed's social commentary on pollution and materialism. 

The video of the song below features Reed playing the song with his band and the obligatory dancing girls of the time period in a setting that looks like Hee Haw. 

Except I don't think it's Hee Haw. My parents and I watched Hee Haw when I was a kid, and that doesn't look like Hee Haw to me. It's a facsimile that aspires to the apex that is Hee Haw quality. Close ...  but no corncob pipe.

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