Friday, February 15, 2013

Music Friday: "Bombs Away" & "Peach Blossom"

Probably the best new album I've purchased this year is Wonderful, Glorious by the Eels. 

I've featured this band before, and if you've followed their recent work, before the current release, they created a trilogy of albums that is quite good. Each album has a theme:

  • Hombre Lobo ~ Desire
  • End Times ~ Loss
  • Tomorrow Morning ~ Redemption

Below are videos of two songs on the new album. Both connect to my moods this afternoon. 

I went into the office this morning after dropping off the kids to do some work. I was finished by 11 and went home to install the cabinet above the toilet in our half-bath we just remodeled. 

Days ago when I first tried to install it, I had trouble with the wall anchors and screws. It was frustrating. This morning I tried it again, and they did the same damn thing they did previously ~ anchors not staying in the wall correctly, which makes the mounting bracket not be secure. 

I tried it again. Same deal. Madness. 

Curse words yelled at inanimate objects, invective lobbed at the manufacturer of the product, these were the sounds inside my house around 11:20 am. 

I went to the hardware store again to get bigger anchors to see if those will work. I returned home and tried it all again ~ curse words yelled at inanimate objects, invective lobbed at the manufacturer, the dog scared and hiding out in my son's room. 

I returned to the hardware store yet again to find a solution. A gentleman who works at Ace asked if I needed any help. I responded with an emphatic yes and told him the situation. I showed him the manufacturer's anchor and screw, and he asked a great question about the weight of the cabinet. He then directed me toward the same anchor I had used before, which initially raised ire inside me, but then he said the manufacturer should have provided a fatter screw. 

I bought the new-old anchors and the new screws, went home, and installed the damn thing with no problems. Kudos to you Ace worker. Kudos. 

So below are "Bombs Away" & "Peach Blossom" that signify part of my day so far. 


Melissa Ames said...

We have a cabinet that we've tried fixing two at least three times and while it is functional it hangs slightly wrong and there's a gap that makes me say internal curse words each time I get a cookie sheet or cutting board out of it. Maybe our problem was going to Lowes, Menards, and Home Depot instead of Ace Hardware?

Quintilian B. Nasty said...

I love a good hardware store. Looks like I'm going to Ace again tomorrow to purchase anchors and screws to hang some other stuff.

But we've gotten good advice at Home Depot before. I wish we had a Lowe's in these parts. They tend to have a better selection of wares compared to HD.