Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday Hangover: Texas A&M

If you read last week's hangover post, I closed it with my worries about A&M.

In the upset victory yesterday, we witnessed what I consider as one of the worst quarters of football I've seen played by the Crimson Tide under Saban's tenure. The only quarter that rivals it would be the bowl game debacle vs. Utah in '08. 

Considering the Tide was down 0 to 20 at the end of the first quarter and Alabama turned the ball over three times, it was a wonder the Tide still had a chance to win the game at the end. Then the stupid offsides penalty after the defense fought its ass off to make them go three-and-out. 

Despite the stupid interception and stupid play call on fourth down late in the game and despite the fumble by Yeldon and despite McCarron underthrowing both Cooper and Bell on long passes that might have been touchdowns, the Tide was still in it. 

Little solace. 

We'll see where Alabama ends up in the BCS standings today, but the bottom line is the Tide needs to beat Auburn in two weeks and then beat Georgia in the SEC Championship to have a shot at a BCS bowl.

I'm sure the talking heads at ESPN will relate that Alabama still has a chance at getting in the national championship. But that actually happening is contingent on a lot of ifs, which I've provide below:

  • If Oregon loses to either Stanford or Oregon State
  • If Kansas State loses to either Baylor or Texas
  • If Notre Dame loses to either Wake Forest or USC
From my perspective, I don't see Oregon losing even thought they have the two toughest games of the unbeatens. 

I don't see K State losing to either of those teams. Maybe Texas, but I doubt it. 

Notre Dame won't lose to Wake, but I think there's a good possibility USC will beat them. 

Nevertheless, next up for Alabama are the Catamounts of Western Carolina. You can expect the next Sunday Hangover post to be up very late on Sunday or possibly even on Monday because we're going to the game.

On Friday we will travel to all the way from IL to Alabama and then go to the game on Saturday, which starts at the godforsaken time of 11:21 am. 

Mrs. Nasty and I haven't been back to Tuscaloosa since we left after I graduated in '02. We're really looking forward to it even though I'm sure the mood around campus will be morose because of yesterday's loss. 

When I left '02, Bryant-Denny only held 80some thousand fans. Since then they added upper decks to the south and north end zones, and seating capacity is somewhere over 101,000. 

Roll Tide anyway. 

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