Thursday, November 1, 2012

Random Notes from a Crank

This morning I walked to work after dropping off Mrs. Nasty's car to get an oil change and new tires. As I was nearing the building where I work, there were dudes taking care of the leaves. It's fall and all. One of the guys working was a clearly out of shape individual smoking a cigarette while he operated a gas-powered leaf blower. That was quite a picture to behold. I'm a well known hater of leaf blowers because of their pollution-spewing motors and noise, but the image of that dude makes my hatred of them even richer. 

Recently my five-year old son told me that I needed to get an iPhone like Mrs. Nasty. The conversation went like this: 
  • Son: Dad, you need to get an iPhone like Mommy.
  • Me: Why, so you can play games on it?
  • Son: Yes.
I'm still rockin' a flip phone and don't plan to get a smart phone anytime soon. Why do I need to be that connected anyway? I don't want to be like those people I see all around me who are always staring down at their phones and texting God knows what. Get your heads up, people, pay attention and take in what's going in the world, not your stupid-ass phone. Quintilian B. Nasty no text. 


Babe Runner said...

I'm still flip-phoning as well. When I'm with groups of people, I take bets with myself as to how long it will be before someone whips out the iPhone to check something vaguely related to our conversation while we all have to stand there waiting, and then the phone gets passed around so we can look at what's on it. If I wanted to have a conversation involving a phone...well, duh, I'd call someone. Flippin' phones.

Quintilian B. Nasty said...

I don't even like talking on a phone, so the idea of me texting or using it to check this or that repulses me.

I'll just rely on Mrs. Nasty, so there's that wrinkle to ponder.