Friday, June 10, 2011

Music Friday: "Drunken Poet's Dream," "Bad Liver and a Broken Heart," "KMAG YOYO," & "She Left Me for Jesus"

I mentioned the fine music of Hayes Carll a couple of weeks ago in "Music, Pabst Blue Ribbon, and Leaky Analogies," so I thought I'd offer you a quartet of his songs.

Carll reminds of Todd Snider in a number of ways. Both artists should be considered Americana musicians, and they both have a country twang to 'em even though Snider is originally from Portland, Oregon. And they both have good senses of humor.

First up is the slightly lascivious "Drunken Poet's Dream."

And if the song title of "Bad Liver and a Broken Heart" doesn't sound like good ole traditional country music, I don't know what does. The commentary about Texas before he plays the song is good stuff although I don't care for the pot-shots about Arkansas. He has a mission though.

This tune is a way slowed down version of the song compared to the version on his first album Trouble in Mind.

And then next up is "Kmag Yoyo," which is described in the post I referred to at the start of today's post. It's more rollicking than the first two videos.

And finally, time for some cornpone with "She Left Me for Jesus." This is the music video for the song.

"If I ever find Jesus, I'm kicking his ass."

I wonder if that guy's girlfriend's name is Mary Magdalene.


Sandy Longhorn said...

If you ever wonder why C. hates Texas, there you go! He jokes that he almost didn't marry me b/c of my last name. :)

Quintilian B. Nasty said...

At least "Hook 'em" is better than "Gig 'em."