Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's Bowl Season

In this post I'm going to feature some prominent or interesting bowl games and offer my so-called thoughts on the matchups. I'm not going to go over all of the bowl games because that would just be way too much and way too much work. If you thought the top ten/twenty albums of 2010 was long, then a breakdown of all of the bowl games would be ridiculous.

So here you go:
Maaco Bowl Las Vegas: Boise State vs. Utah, Dec. 22
Oh, how the mighty have fallen, eh? If TCU put a whipping on the Utes in Salt Lake during the regular season, then the Broncos will also destroy Utah. I don't think this will even be close.

Insight Bowl: Mizzou vs. Iowa, Dec. 28
It's been a disappointing season for the Hawkeyes, and with the team's leading receiver arrested for drug-dealin' stuff and the starting running back suspended, I don't think Iowa's offense is strong enough to keep its defense fresh and off the field. Mizzou by 10.

Valero Alamo Bowl: Oklahoma State vs. Arizona, Dec. 29
The Cowboys offense is downright unstoppable it seems, but the Pokes defense doesn't stop anyone. I expect a shootout, with the Wildcats losing in the fourth quarter.

Bridgepoint Holiday Bowl: Nebraska vs. Washington, Dec. 30
This is just a mismatch, plain and simple. Nebraska will win handily, but this is well worth watching to see how the NFL-bound Washington QB responds to the tough and salty Black Shirt defense.

Chick-Fil-A Bowl: South Carolina vs. Florida State, Dec. 31
The Gamecocks were embarrassed in the SEC Championship Game. Florida State's last game saw the Florida Gators scoring only 7 points and getting soundly beaten by the 'Noles' multi-faceted offense. It'll be close, but FSU, which is now once again a rising power under Jimbo Fisher, wins by a touchdown.

Capital One Bowl: Michigan State vs. Alabama, Jan. 1
This season has been a disappointment for the Tide. The last time they played a bowl game after a loss at the end of the season (vs. Florida in the SEC Championship Game), things didn't go well at all versus Utah. It was one hellacious first quarter, one that Alabama never recovered from. And sans their brain fart of a game in Iowa City, Michigan State just wins. I don't like this matchup. Flip a coin. If it's heads, Tide's secondary steps up without having Mark Barron as captain of the defense. If it's tails, Alabama's defense gets hurt once again by big plays in the passing game, which is the main reason for the losses to South Carolina, LSU, and Auburn this season.

Gator Bowl: Mississippi State vs. Michigan, Jan. 1
The Bulldogs have a strong defense, and the Wolverines a matador type of defense. Mississippi State's offense is mediocre, and Michigan's offense is prolific. When in doubt, the SEC trumps the new Big 12 here by a close score.

All State Sugar Bowl: Ohio State vs. Arkansas, Jan. 4
I have a bad feeling for the Razorbacks in this one since the Buckeyes usually have strong defenses. This is one of my upset picks even though I want Arkansas to win. Ohio State wins a close one carried by the performance of Pryor.

Tostitos BCS National Championship Game: Auburn vs. Oregon, Jan. 10
God, I would love to see the Ducks beat the living daylights out of the Tigers or War Eagles or Plainsmen or whatever the hell Auburn people seem to think is their mascot. The Iron Bowl debacle is one of the worst losses in Alabama football history in my opinion. It was more painful than when Mrs. Nasty and I watched the Tide lose in Bryant-Denny 9-0 on a day when it sleeted on us for a while. Believe me, that day sucked.

But I digress. Auburn wins by four points.

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