Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday Hangover: Kentucky

This is what the pollsters have been drinking.

Here is Coach Saban's assessment of the game: "I know it's ugly, but we won. We put on a clinic today on how to keep the other team in the game. We left ten points on the board [in the first half]. We played pretty well on defense, other than two 
screens, and we bust a coverage in two-minute that could have cost us the game. We struggled in the passing game, and we didn't protect [the quarterback] very well. We never put [Kentucky] away, and we had some chances."

The game should have been 24-0 at half. Glen Coffee, who had an outstanding game with 218 yards rushing, also had two fumbles--one on Kentucky's three yard line after a great drive and another that rolled out of bounds. 

And Leigh Tiffin missed two field goals that should have been made. 

The Tide has an off-week, and then they take on a tough Ole Miss team led by Rev. Nutt.

Alabama needs to get its passing game finely honed soon because John Parker Wilson showed his bad side today--staring down his primary receivers and making some questionable throws into traffic.

That Coffee is one heck of a back, however. 


Seddy said...

M - I - Z .....

travolta said...

Z - O - U !!!

If I was a Mizzou defensive lineman I would have laid the biggest hit possible on Ganz on that last second play. What was the point of that?

Quintilian B. Nasty said...

The Big 12 race should be very interesting. They could end up with no one in the BCS title game. Let's say that Texas beats OU Saturday. And then Texas beats Mizzou in Austin the following week. And then Texas loses to either OK State, Texas Tech, or KU in one of the following three games.

The Big 12 is a pass-happy version of the SEC, but it's less defensive-minded than the premier conference in college football.

Heck, the title game might be Penn State versus someone?

travolta said...

The Big 12 race should be very interesting. They could end up with no one in the BCS title game.

Possible, but I don't see anyone beating the Sooners this year.

If Mizzou can get past Texas on the road then there "should" be two 12-0 teams in the Big 12 Championship with Mizzou and Oklahoma.

Then maybe the Tigers can get lucky with 3 or 4 turnovers and have a chance in the fourth quarter. Or possibly play a field position battle with a punter who hasn't punted in half of the team's games.....

OK, I'll put down the Kool-Aid now.

Quintilian B. Nasty said...

OU does have a track record of stumbling when they seem unbeatable.

As both USC and OU have shown us over the past few years, if you don't show up mentally for every game, you lose. Those two programs have had the strongest college football talent for years.

Seddy said...

Penn State?!?! Going undefeated in the Big 10 this year is nothing to boast about.

Quintilian B. Nasty said...

But the Lions would be undefeated. They could get left out like Auburn did a while back, but that would only happen if there are two other undefeated teams besides Penn State, which is unlikely.