Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hangover Sunday: Ole Miss

The Ole Miss victory came with a price: Terrence "Mount" Cody is out for at least two weeks. An offensive linemen rolled on the back of his right leg, and hopefully it's only a knee sprain.

Once again, Alabama got off to a strong lead in the first half, and they held on to win in the second half. 

The aspect of the game that disturbed me the most is that Alabama's offensive line had a difficult time pass blocking. John Parker Wilson was pressured all afternoon, and the running game was stifled for parts of the game because they stacked the box with 8 or 9 defensive players. 

When Georgia did that, the Tide made them pay. That didn't happen this Saturday.

The Tide's next game is against Tennessee in Knoxville. There might be some truth in the rumor that Coach Fulmer is going to get canned after this season; however, a decisive win versus Alabama would help his job security. 

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