Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Unveiling the Volt

As related HERE, GM has unveiled the Volt, its plug-in electric vehicle that they've been banking on.

The car can go 40 miles on its charge, which for many is enough for a typical commute. I may have gotten this wrong, but I thought GM was shooting higher than 40 miles. But I could be wrong. 

There's no price on it yet, but kudos for an American company for beating out Toyota and Honda in this sprint to be first. However, what matters is which companies can sustain a quality plug-in vehicle that is sensible for American families.


TGD said...

I am looking forward to getting the Escalade hybrid, that makes perfect sense.

Quintilian B. Nasty said...

That is nicely logical, in an American gas-guzzling way.

Those SUV hybrids get worse mpg than sub-compacts and many mid-sized sedans.

Kenson said...

I hope for GM, and most importantly the GM Family of workers that this is a success - A lot is riding on the back of this product. This has been a very expensive endeavor that dates back.

Being Devil’s Advocate: Lets say the concept goes over well………What is going to happen to the price of electricity? If widely accepted could it eventually become a stealing from Peter to pay Paul scenario?