Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday Hangover: Tulane

Hangover is the right word for Alabama's performance last night.

While the defense played well even with being on the field constantly, the offense struggled and only go in rhythm for one really good drive.

The OLine had the first team left guard playing left tackle. The starting right guard was out with a hamstring issue, so both guards were second-teamers. And it showed.

Javier Arenas, in one half, set the Alabama record for punt returns, but then he didn't play in the second half because of a hit to the head.

So if people heal effectively, the Tide will have its All-American left tackle, Andre Smith,and hopefully our starting right guard back for Week Three vs. Western Kentucky. And it's unclear whether Arenas, the first-team kick returner and cornerback, will be back for game three.

It was a disappointing game. Even though Tulane's D looked much tougher than Clemson's, you can't play down to your opponent. I hope that trend finally changes next week versus the Hill Toppers.

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