Friday, January 10, 2014

Random Notes from a Crank

In my neck of the woods here in east-central Illinois, a status symbol or sign of mid-life crisis appears to be buying a Jeep.

To drive back from Mattoon to Charleston with take-out from Thai Noodle is a mild form of torture. 

I read some good news in the paper today. There's a healthy population of river otters in Illinois now. 

If you've had to endure nitwits citing the cold weather happening on their little speck of the planet as proof that climate change is not real, "Scientists: Americans are Becoming 'Weather Wimps.'" might provide some solace through science and statistical analysis. So when you hear or read someone complain about the cold weather, which, you know, happens in this crazy season called winter, you can simply say nothing and think of that person as a wimp

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