Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Hangover: Georgia Southern

45 points is certainly what Alabama fans want to see out of the Tide offense, but the Crimson Tide defense giving up the most points of the season (21) is probably surprising if you didn't watch the game.

It was a tough opponent to prepare for. The Eagles of Georgia Southern use an offense that is rare: the triple option. They racked up all kinds of yards on the ground, but unless a team plays Georgia Tech on a regular basis, Georgia Southern's throwback offense has to be trying.

But here's how the 21 points were scored. The first touchdown was a result of a busted lane assignment from a true freshman defensive end. The second touchdown came from one of the Eagles' seven pass attempts in the game. It's the only pass the quarterback completed, one for 39 yards. The third touchdown was a result of a poor kick by Foster and lack of lane discipline by a couple of defenders, so the Eagles' final touchdown was a kickoff return all the way to the house.

Regarding the Tide, the offense looked better, but the uninspired play calling is getting on my nerves. What happened to throwing to Michael Williams? Do we have any other short passing plays other than the WR bubble screens or screens to the running backs? What happened to longer pass routes?

It sounds like a number of plays were banged up, however. Left tackle Barrett Jones didn't play again and was presumably resting up for the Iron Bowl on Saturday. Nose guard Jesse Williams didn't play initially because of sickness, but they threw him out there later in the game. Nose guard Josh Chapman was rested for the game because of bad knee. And the other nose guard Nick Gentry, a senior, was suspended for a violation of team rules on Senior Day. Senior wide receiver Darius Hanks didn't play either because of a leg injury. Eddie Lacy played some, but his turf toe injury seems to be holding him back.

So when the Tide takes the field on Saturday afternoon against Auburn, I hope Alabama is healthy, focused, and strong in all three phases of the game.

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