Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Stay Positive: Food Activism in France & Donating Food to Those Who Need It

Today I read about a new law in France in The Guardian. France recently passed a law that mandates supermarkets donate food that would have gone into dumpsters to people who need it. 

"Should It Be Illegal for Supermarkets to Waste Food?" in The Atlantic presents a more nuanced perspective though. 

The activist who started the movement in France wants it to spread to other countries, which is perhaps a noble goal. However, as the author of the article relates, the US has a good infrastructure in place to promote food donations (though I would venture to guess that it could improve), so it remains to be seen whether a law on the books would help. 

Regardless, supermarkets and organizations that donate food to people in need is a good deal. And it's more sustainable. 

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