Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Random Notes for a Crank

It's depressing when some of your nose hairs have turned gray. 

I'm not a big NFL fan. I grew up rooting for the Vikings. Where I grew up you had to choose: Bears, Packers, or Vikings. I choose Minnesota. For a long while, I didn't follow the  NFL much at all. If you've read this blog, you obviously know I'm emotionally and intellectually invested in college football, specifically the SEC and particularly the Alabama Crimson Tide. 

I'd like to see Minnesota do well, but if there was another team I'd like to do well, it would be the Raiders. They always seem to be the team of misfit toys. And those home jerseys have to the be the best in the NFL; black jerseys, gray pants, gray helmet with the Raiders logo. In addition, Raiders is the mascot of my fraternity. 

I hate the First Day of School Eve. They never get to bed easily. 


Fozzie said...

Good news -- the Raiders will soon be within driving distance of you.

Quintilian B. Nasty said...

Really? I guess I haven't been following what's going with an NFL franchise that way. The "St. Louis Raiders" has a really odd ring to it.