Monday, August 17, 2015

Random Notes from a Crank

Austin City Limits hasn't been doing much for me lately, but the latest episode introduced me to a band I had never heard before, White Denim. It's like Southern-tinged prog rock. Me like. 

Lately I've been thinking about either-or decisions/dilemmas:
  • Cleaning the bathroom vs. cleaning out the garage
  • Explosive diarrhea vs. talking about religion with your mother-in-law
  • Explaining what an agnostic is vs. explaining the Gospel of Thomas and why it didn't get into the Bible to a conservative Christian
  • Vodka vs. Rum (both are really poor choices)
  • Keg stand vs. beer bong
  • Donald Trump vs. Ross Perot
  • The tax-exempt status of churches vs. corporate welfare
  • Listening to someone talk about his or her love for Wilco vs. Listening to someone talk about his or her love for Taylor Swift 
  • Someone making comments about teachers getting the summer "off" vs. someone making comments that it's the teacher's fault, not the student's
  • Calling someone out on their underlying racist comments vs. calling someone out on their underlying sexist comments

Election season is fast upon us. My fantasy is that Hillary Clinton wins the Democratic nomination, Bernie Sanders runs as an independent, Donald Trump runs as an independent, and whichever clown they choose wins the Republican nomination. I don't know who I would bet on if I had money to bet. 

I belong to a mass group on Facebook called "You Might Be From Waterloo/Cedar Falls Iowa If Your Remember..." A recent post talked about Bishop's Buffet at Crossroads Mall. My parents and I ate at that place all the time. We were regulars. It was one of those old style cafeterias. You'd slide along your tray and pick out what you want. The line would begin with salads. Then it would be desserts and breads. Then you'd turn, and next were entrees followed by sides and drinks. It was a good place to get my pie fix taken care of. Below is a three-part photo array of the place. 

This photo below is from after they renovated, maybe sometime in the late 90s. 

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