Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Random Notes from a Crank

I was happy to see this article from Grist: "Obama's Big Climate Plan is Now Final -- And It's Even Stronger Than Expected." 

The plan tends to go along with Saudi Arabia and China getting themselves together as I related in my last Random Notes... post

This morning two ladies came to my front door to let me know about the glory of God and all that kind of stuff. I told them that I was an agnostic and thanked them for coming by. Score that a major victory for me because I had just gotten up and didn't have any coffee in me yet. I thought I had left all those door-to-door church people behind when I left Alabama where I had a few come to my door to chatter on about whether I had "accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior." My usual answers were that I was an agnostic (the truth) or that I was Buddhist, an answer that usually bewilders people with a "Christianity is the only true religion" mindset. 

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