Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Stay Positive: NYPD Blue

I have DirectTV, and one of the channels I've been wandering into is channel 500, the Audience channel. 

This past weekend the channel was playing a strong loop of NYPD Blue episodes. Now I'm taping it as a series. 

Of the cop shows out there, I have a top two: Hill Street Blues and NYPD Blue. I'm throwing out The Wire, which was outstanding, because it's a HBO show. The other two are non-cable channel offerings, a different category in my mind. 

I picked up watching NYPD Blue when Sipowicz's partner was Bobby Simone played by Jimmy Smits. I think I only caught a couple of episodes of the first two seasons when David Caruso played John Kelly. 

Right now the channel is in the part of the series where the main characters are Sipowicz, Simone, Russell (who just turned down Simone on a marriage offer), Martinez, and Fancy. 

I look forward to watching more episodes as the weeks and months churn along. 

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