Friday, January 2, 2015

Music Friday: "Fell on Black Days"

A Soundgarden song relates my general disposition today (see the previous post for easy reference). 

In addition to the Crimson Tide playing like crap last night, after Mrs. Nasty took a shower Wednesday morning, the sinks started gurgling, and the toilets and shower were gurgling up crapwater. After calling a plumber and them spending hours snaking the line, they determined that the sewer pipe had collapsed right outside the foundation. 

So we've spent the past couple of nights at a hotel. Today, thankfully, the same company had guys bring out a backhoe, dig up our backyard, and put in a new pipe. On a more positive note, it's now fixed, and we can run water again. 

But this song still sums up my attitude right now. 

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