Saturday, January 3, 2015

My Hall of Fame Ballot

I recently watched MLB Network's Roundtable program about the next Hall of Famers to enter Cooperstown. 

If I had a ballot, here are the guys who would be on it: 


Fozzie said...

No to Mussina and Edgar.

I can't justify a DH being in the HOF, even a fine hitter like Martinez, when you spend 2 1/2 hours of every game sitting on your ass.

Quintilian B. Nasty said...

Regarding Martinez, you have precedent working against you to a degree. Frank Thomas was mainly a DH, and Molitor was a DH for a great deal of his career. Jaffe's take on Martinez (punch the hyperlink) is interesting. I was surprised how Edgar owned the "best closer of all time."

I don't like the DH either, but he was one of the best hitters of his era, and he played on the west coast, which hampered prime time exposure.

Mussina is a borderline candidate, but I think his numbers get deflated by playing his career in the AL East and not really getting much of a shot at the playoffs. If Mussina would have played in the AL Central or anywhere in the NL, his metrics would be even better.

If I had to pull one dude off that ballot, it would probably be Kent.

Fozzie said...

77% of Martinez' PAs were as DH.

57% of Thomas' PAs were as DH.

I am shocked at the pundits who continue to slobber all over Schilling.

Quintilian B. Nasty said...

Schilling's recent Twitter war of words about evolution certainly isn't helping his character issues.