Sunday, September 2, 2012

Thoughts on Opening Week in College Football

I've already gone over the Michigan-Alabama game, but here are some other thoughts on this week in college football. 

The venerable writer for the Tuscaloosa News, Cecil Hurt (@CecilHurt) put it well with this funny tweet on Saturday afternoon: "Saying the SEC East looks 'winnable' is like saying a Kardashian at an NBA game looks 'available.' #WideOpen"

Tennessee looked impressive against NC State because QB Bray is talented as hell, and the Volunteers have big receivers to throw to. With South Carolina and Georgia and Florida struggling in their opening games against Vanderbilt, Buffalo, and Bowling Green respectively, if Tennessee is relatively injury-free, they could really compete in the East considering how lackluster the other three contenders looked. Heck, Vandy looked solid too. 

If I were a betting man and I had loose money to throw around, I'd place bets on Mizzou and A&M to win on Saturday. Georgia (-3 spread to UGA) travels to Columbia, and Florida (-2.5 for FL) visits College Station.

I suspect LeVeon Bell, the running back at Michigan State, will be in the Heisman conversation.   

We watched the Iowa game yesterday afternoon. The big game versus the Cyclones is their next game. I think Iowa State wins that one, and it's in Iowa City. 

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Quintilian B. Nasty said...

And heck, I forgot about Mizzou in the East. They're a serious contender.