Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Random Notes from a Crank

Sometimes when I'm in meetings, a mental image comes to mind: a dog chasing its tail. See video below:

When I drove my kids home from school the other afternoon, we noticed about a three-year old girl pushing an empty stroller down the sidewalk. Probably a kid about five years old, and presumably her brother, was behind her. He was trying to mount his bike. All he was wearing was his underwear, his whitey tideys out there in broad daylight. It was mid-seventies temp-wise, and I didn't see a parent close by. My daughter's comment was something like, "That kid's outside just in his underwear! That is weird."

In response to the story about a scholar now possibly having evidence that Jesus had a wife,  Jason Isbell had a great tweet: "Disappointingly, the newly-found Jesus text began with the line 'Take my wife. Please.' He actually OPENED with that." 

My eyes look toward you Mary Magdalene. With the hatchet job some Biblical scholars have done on her, it wouldn't surprise me if she was the wife of Jesus. 

And all this Jesus stuff reminds me a Hayes Carll tune and video. Check it out. 


Babe Runner said...

Meetings. Guffaw. Yeah, definitely like a dog chasing its tail, unless they end up being more along the lines of a dog squatting and lifting its tail, if ya know what I mean.

(BTW, regarding a previous post: yeah, Vince Guaraldi has some good stuff. He'll be forever associated with the whole Charlie Brown thing, of course, but I guess that's not so bad.)

Quintilian B. Nasty said...

It's a nice image to focus on when I'm trying not to lose it or trying to stave off boredom.

Or I could just replay the Peanuts tunes in my mind.

I got options.