Friday, September 7, 2012

Music Friday: "Poison Years," "Sinners and Their Repentances," "Black Sheets of Rain," "Star Machine," & "The Descent"

Bob Mould's new album, Silver Age, came out this Tuesday, and I've been listening the hell out of it this week. It's an outstanding album, and I'm sure it'll be on my top ten/twenty list of albums of 2012, probably somewhere in the top ten. 

For a long time, I've owned Mould's duo of outstanding albums from 1989 and 1990: Workbook and Black Sheets of Rain

I listened to those works quite a bit over the years, and his songs that buffet between introspection and rage matched my moods and perspectives in my 20s and 30s. Heck, let's be honest. They still match 'em. 

So today in honor of Silver Age coming out, I'm featuring three songs from the older solo works and a couple of tunes from the new album. 

Here are "Poison Years" & "Sinners and Their Repentances" from Workbook.

Next is "Black Sheets of Rain." 

And now for the new stuff: "Star Machine" & "The Descent." 

The performance on Letterman reminds me of this Music Friday Post that featured Husker Du on a local Twin Cities talk show called Good Company.

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