Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Random Notes from a Crank

As I was driving the kids to daycare this morning, my eight-year old daughter asked me if she could go to the college in the town we live. After explaining to her that there are lots of colleges to choose from and you have to think about what your major and interests are and you have to think about what size and type of college you want to go to and how I think it's a good idea to go away to college to become more independent and then you need to go on college visits to see which colleges are right for you, my daughter made a snap judgment and decided she's going on three college visits: to the local college, to the University of Alabama, and to Ole Miss (where Mrs. Nasty got her Master's). My five-year son, on the other hand, related he doesn't need campus visits. He said, "I'm going to Alabama." The brainwashing starts early in the Nasty household, folks. Roll Tide.

After the discussion about scouting prospective colleges, we then discussed what kind of majors there are. My daughter is interested in Dance as a possible major, and she also says she likes science. I told her that Alabama had B.A. in Dance and that I had taught a Dance major when I taught there during my Ph.D. work. My daughter then was a bit puzzled because she said, "Wow, she couldn't have been that good." I caught her meaning and informed her that I didn't teach her how to dance. Rather, I taught her in one of my classes but that she was only a Dance major. Then she said, "Oh, I was confused. I see. But if you would have taught her dance, she wouldn't have learned much because you're not a good dancer."

We have the Encore channels via DirectTV. I've noticed late at night that there's usually a James Bond film on. I caught part of an old one last night, and I got to thinking: If someone ever makes a movie of my life, I want an underwater fight scene in it. I've neither fought anyone underwater nor had an opportunity to do so, but I want one of those fight scenes in the movie of my life.

Today is one of my favorite sports days. It was the date of the MLB trading deadline. As I was working on a document this afternoon, I had the pleasure of watching the MLB Network inform viewers of the trades going down. As expected, the Cubs were sellers with Soto going to the Rangers along with Johnson and Maholm going to the Braves yesterday. Today it came down to the wire with Dempster, and he got sent to the Rangers right at the deadline. As related to my rotowhorishness, Greinke went to the Angels, I grabbed Victorino because he's headed to the Dodgers and I need steals as two of my heavy hitters (Ortiz and Bautista) are on the DL, and I picked up Holland because he appears to the be the likely closer for the Royals.

Today is also the 13th wedding anniversary of the Nastys. Good times were had that day and have been had since.


Dr. K said...

Happy belated anniversary!

I read Paul the first part of your story about teaching a dance major and, like me, he had to have Hannah's response explained to him. So kudos to you, dad, for hearing what Hannah was saying. It made sense to us, but her understanding of what you said makes perfect sense to those outside the teaching biz.

Quintilian B. Nasty said...

Thanks and exactly.