Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What Do You Think Will Happen?

As reported again today in the Post-Dispatch/StlToday, Mizzou is shopping around.

Most reporters are informing the reading public that the SEC is the conference Mizzou will join.

However, there are other options out there though some aren't realistic:
  • The interim Big 12 Commish persuades Mizzou to stick with the conference.
  • The Big Ten expands again.
  • Mizzou becomes an independent.
Which of the four options (the first one is Mizzou joining the SEC) will happen?

If Mizzou departs, the Big 12 will have to add at least BYU and another school (TCU, SMU, Houston?) to stop the bleeding. Heck, the way it's going, they might want to look at Southern Miss, Missouri State, and Tulsa. 


travolta said...

Mizzou goes to SEC: 85%
Mizzou stays in B12: ~15%
Mizzou goes to B1G10: 0.000001%
Mizzou goes independent: what's less than 0%?

I can't believe that the administrators at Mizzou would go this far down the path without an invite somewhere else. If they are doing all this merely to try and manufacture leverage with Texas and OU then they are maniacs.

Quintilian B. Nasty said...

I wonder if the addition of TCU has reduced the SEC percentage you've provided.

I also wonder if the Big 12 actually gets back to twelve schools by adding BYU, Louisville, and Cincinnati. The Big East as a football conference is DEAD. L'ville and Cincy need landing spots.

At least according to a recent article I read on ESPN, Mizzou alumni and boosters seem to be ready to join the SEC.

Was writing this just as the Tigers beat the Yankees...

Congrats to the Tigers.