Friday, March 11, 2011

Music Friday: "Trouble in Your Mind," "Your Baby Ain't Sweet Like Mine," & "Hit 'Em Up Style"

The Carolina Chocolate Drops is a band I've been listening to off and on lately after I purchased their latest album Genuine Negro Jig a few months ago. The band's story is interesting. From the sound of it, they're trying to keep a tradition alive.

The video above is the band playing "Trouble in Your Mind" at the KDHX studios in St. Louis.

The band plays old timey music from apparently a long tradition of African-Americans playing instruments (particularly the banjo, the fiddle, and the jug) and musical genres that are usually associated with white folks in the minds of most postmodern Americans. I would imagine if some racists were to discover this band, it would implode their minds.

For another traditional sounding song, check out "Your Baby Ain't Sweet Like Mine."

And they also enjoy making contemporary songs like "Hit 'Em Up Style" their own.


fern said...

Thanks for the shot of chocolate!

Quintilian B. Nasty said...

I'm looking forward to getting their previous albums.