Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Design Matters

As I'm sure you've noticed if you've been reading my blog for a while, the design changed recently. PlannedOb is now ensconced in milk chocolate brown.

Mmmmmm ........ chocolate. [In my best Homer Simpson voice]

For some time I've been fighting with myself about changing the blog's template to something more current than the crude design I used from years ago. Heck, now the blog even has sans serif font throughout, which is commonsense for the Web, but I still cherish the little feet on Georgia typeface from before. And Garamond and Baskerville, I love those bastards.

I like the new design. Don't get me wrong.

But I kind of like the idea of having an old-school, rudimentary design for blogs and websites like the one purposively done as a throwback for the band Deer Tick. The lead singer, as the interview recounts on website, "isn't a fan of flashy websites," which sounds exactly like something Mr. MaCauley would say. He's a wiseacre. He's trying to be funny.

But I've settled on brown, a color that invites yawns to most people, coupled with blue.

Wallow in PlannedOb's chocolate love, people.


Sandy Longhorn said...

Garamond & Baskerville ROCK!

Quintilian B. Nasty said...

Yes they do, Sandy. As much as any fonts can rock, they do.

After some deep thought, it's now clear I should have worked in the "Sexual Chocolate" part of Coming to America for this post.

Damn it.

Mrs. Nasty said...

I am not real fond of the new look. Just my two cents.... I really hate the font. The color is ok but makes me want chocolate which I definitely should not be having....

Quintilian B. Nasty said...

I just couldn't take reading the sans serif font. I'm a geezer, I guess.