Sunday, November 9, 2008

Hangover Sunday: LSU

Well, the Tide attempted to give away this game early on with a foolish first half: a touchback instead of a touchdown, a dumb unsportsmanlike penalty by Wilson after he scored, a fumbled punt return, and an interception.

But Alabama overcame self-induced adversity with four interceptions of their own, three of which from Rashad Johnson (pictured above). He made that pick in overtime, but earlier in the game he showed off his running skills (originally walked on as a running back) on a pick six. 

I was happy to see the offensive line work pretty well in pass protection, and the running game finally asserted its will in the second half. Mr. Coffee had another outstanding game.

This game was game one of three games that Alabama needs to get off the schneid. LSU had a winning streak against us. State has a two-game streak against us. And, well, then there's Auburn. 

Time to "teach the bulldogs to behave." 

I wouldn't be surprised to see Texas Tech jump Alabama in the rankings. We'll see.


Seddy said...

Thank God Penn State and the Big 10 are now out of the way....

Quintilian B. Nasty said...

I should have done some online betting. I picked the Hawkeyes to win.

Then again, I also picked OK State to beat the Red Raiders.

Seddy said...

That Mizzou is #12 and Oklahoma State is #13 is yet another illustration of what's wrong with the BCS.

Quintilian B. Nasty said...

During my second semester teaching at Alabama, I had a student, who was a walk-on football player at the Capstone, write an interesting causal analysis paper. He wrote about the many probable problems with the BCS system.

He's been spot on for years.

travolta said...

That Mizzou is #12 and Oklahoma State is #13 is yet another illustration of what's wrong with the BCS.

That's just the problem with rankings in general. In both the Harris and USA Today polls, Mizzou is ranked 11th and OK State is 13th.

A September/October loss is still better than a November loss for the pollsters.

The howling is only going to get louder when Oklahoma beats Texas Tech and the Big 12 South has three teams tied with a conference record of 7-1 (11-1 overall) and the tiebreaker used is the "most recent BCS standings" to decide who faces Mizzou in the B12 championship. I guess it's just bad luck that 3 of the top 6 or 7 teams are all in the same division, let alone the same conference.

Too bad the bowls make too much money for everyone involved to go to a meaningful playoff system.

p.s. According to the computers, Utah is the 4th best team in the land. Um, yeah, right.

Quintilian B. Nasty said...

It's not a problem with the computers; it's a problem with the monkeys who create the programs.

The arguments against a playoff system, as we've seen, are specious at best. A playoff working through the bowls is an easy solution.