Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Random Notes from a Crank

I was at one of my local liquor stores the other day, and the car I parked next to had a driver's side window that was covered by plastic sheeting and duct tape, but the plastic sheet was ripped. As I walked to and fro getting my bourbon, I noticed a cat on the the dashboard and a young lady texting. As I departed, the cat meowed at me as if it were asking, "Get me out of this madness. This woman is crazy." 

Pistachios are the best nut on the planet. Behind them, I consider it a tie for second place among Brazil nuts, almonds, and walnuts. 

1. Pistachios

2a. Brazil nuts

2b. Almonds

2c. Walnuts

Ummmm .... nuts. Me now hungry.

As much as Puerto Rico is getting all kinds of attention for moving on to the championship game of the World Baseball Classic, the US government is still screwing its unincorporated territory as you can learn about via John Oliver's feature. 

Check out this lengthy article of strong reporting from Politico about the success of the light rail line in the Twin Cities: "The Train Line That Brought the Twin Cities Back Together."

A couple of weeks ago I finished Florence Williams' The Nature Fix, which I highly recommend. Grist has a good interview with her about the book: "Anxious, Depressed, Distracted -- What If the Cure Is Just Outside?" 

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