Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Random Notes from a Crank

If you're like me, you'll enjoy Bill Maher's points about US taxpayers subsidizing religions. For the short version, here's an article on RawStory: "Bill Maher Calls for Taxes on All Religions." 

For the full argument, here's the video.

His argument works nicely with the fact that many of the founding fathers were freemasons who believed fiercely in the strict separation of church from state.

Grist has an interview with a chef who tries to have his restaurant be sustainable. I had never heard of blue fish, but I like his point about using broccoli leaves. I am growing baby broccoli in my garden this summer. Something to remember. 

Also from Grist, there's an article about how "More Californians Work in 'Advanced Energy' Jobs than Farming or Hollywood." The final ¶ of the article sums up what we might see more of from politicians: "In the world of politics, 'jobs' are solid political gold. They are the glittering beacon that politicians will cross party lines to get closer to, in their eternal quest to find the perfect factory floor for shaking hands. This particular study is only in its second year, but it already bodes well for even more legislation in support of clean energy, in California and beyond."

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