Monday, April 18, 2016

[Belated] Sunday Hangover: A-Day Game

The defenses dominated this season's spring game at Bryant-Denny. 

I feel bad for the poor guy who had to try to block Tim Williams. He and Rashaan Evans, who had 17 tackles, took over the game. Quarterbacks rarely had time to throw passes, so it was difficult finding out who won the quarterback battle. The four players vying for the job will take the competition into fall practice as has been usual the past few seasons. 

The quarterback Jalen Hurts, who is expected to redshirt, this season arguably had the best day of the four quarterbacks. He's a dual-threat qb who has quite a bit of quickness. 

The first-team offense was able to do very little against the first-team defense. In contrast, Damien Harris, who worked at running back for the second-team offense, had a very good day. Scarbrough has generated a lot of attention because of his similarities to Henry, but Harris reminded me of a cross between Kenneth Darby and Mark Ingram. 

From my perspective, I'm feeling good about the defense. The offense has an outstanding receiving corps at wide receiver and tight end, but the quarterbacks had little time to get them the ball. The work in the off-season will determine who starts on the o-line and at quarterback. 


Anonymous said...

Korren Kirven drew the short straw for Tim most of the time, ouch!

Damien Harris reminded me of Ken Darby - similar height (Harris is more built) and a bit of the same running style.

Quintilian B. Nasty said...

Yes, I think Harris might have more speed than Darby had.

Poor Kirven. It was brutal.