Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Random Notes from a Crank

For a critical take on how history books get it wrong, check out "Setting Free Our History" by Tim Swinehart. It was originally published in Rethinking Schools and was reprinted in Utne.

In the current issue of Utne, they reprinted "Gone Hunting For Food" by Kate Bergin, which originally appeared in This Magazine. The article informs readers about the trend of urbanites discovering hunting and people rediscovering hunting and fishing. The urban hipsters and smart environmental folks have reasserted the practices of gardening, canning/pickling, and now hunting/fishing. I've never been much of a hunter. I'm a horrible shot, but then again, I never got any practice shooting. However, I enjoy fishing even though I haven't had much luck at all around these here parts.

In animal husbandry news (never used that clause before), check out happy pigs and their mudslide via Grist.

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