Friday, August 13, 2010

Music Friday: "Save Your Money for the Weekend"

Click HERE to watch a video of a song from Glossary's latest album, Feral Fire. It provides a sight I haven't seen in many, many years ~ people shotgunning beers.

Here are the lyrics that can be found on the band's website:
What’s there to go back to
If you had nothing to start out with.
All my daddy left me was a name
And a mouth full of bad teeth.
But Odelia, honey, I’ll be fine.
If you meet me out on Friday night,
I know Christian girls know what’s wrong.
But that doesn’t mean they always have to do what’s right.
Save your money for the weekend,
And we’ll dance through the fire.
You get one chance to make it through this life alive.
We ain’t got far to fall,
So lift your glass and we’ll bet it all.
Honey, there’s got to be some hell somewhere
waiting to be raised.
Your family wants to condemn me
For the sins they commit themselves.
But let them whisper dirty little secrets
Under those church house bells.
And Odelia honey let it be known
I’d never tell you a lie.
So if what I want to do is a sin,
God better cover his eyes.
So scrape together all of your pennies,
Put on your favorite dress,
And meet me down in the old part of town
For some excess.
And Odelia, honey, I can’t say
What’s waiting for us up above.
All I know is Southern girls are sweeter
‘Cause they’re full of Jesus’ love.

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