Monday, March 9, 2015

Random Notes from a Crank

I spent the weekend on the couch. I got a vasectomy on Friday. That's right. My beautiful sperms can swim really well, but now they can't jump off the diving board anymore. 

So the past few days I've been getting intimate with a frozen bag of corn and a frozen bag of peas and carrots. I hope they don't get jealous. There could be fisticuffs in the freezer.

Coincidentally enough, an article "Block That Sperm!" from the March issue of The Atlantic relates only 13 percent of men have had a vasectomy. That seems awfully low. 

Tiffani Thiessen's cooking show is back with new episodes. That's something I discovered this weekend. 

Although I don't follow the happenings of the NFL too closely, I can get behind Stephen Jackson's faux "Save the Running Back" campaign. #STRB. 

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