Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Random Notes from a Crank

For major writing projects in my courses, I provide the criteria I use when I evaluate their work. For larger projects, I sometimes create what I call "alternate criteria" just for kicks. I thought I'd share the alt criteria for a recent project:

A Successful Teaching Portfolio (Alt Criteria)
  • Provides quality writing
  •  Lights a candle of pedagogical knowledge
  •  Instills pistis in the reader
  •  Has rhetorical kung fu
  •  Puts the critical in critical thinking
  •  Is enjoyable to read
  •  Exemplifies phronesis—practical wisdom
  • Assures the reader that you know what you’re doing
  •  Makes the mind step lively
  •  Seduces the reader with smart ideas, policies, assignments, and lesson plans
  •  Shows that the Teaching Force is strong in you
  •  Offers prose free of hokum, claptrap, “Engfish,” gobbledygook, administrative-speak, and logical boondoggles
  •  Is a hooey-free zone
  •  Seeks vengeance on anyone who ever doubted your ability as an instructor
  • Creates the sound of one hand clapping 

That's me quoting my professional self, something I rarely do on this blog. Don't get used to it. Those hyperlinks above might take you to some places though. 

With the legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington, I wonder if anyone has approached Cheech and Chong about doing a movie? 

Regardless, I'm curious about how much tax revenue those states will generate from pot sales this year. 

Typical of HBO's adaptation of Martin's Song of Ice and Fire series, this season's first episode of Game of Thrones sexxed up the storyline. If I remember right from A Storm of Swords, when Tyrion and Oberyn Martell meet for the first time, they do so on the road to King's Landing. Instead, HBO has Tyrion Lannister going to a whorehouse to meet the Red Viper, and the first scene that introduces Oberyn and Ellaria Sand plays with the backstory that they're both bisexual. Classic move, HBO. 

And if you're a fan of the series, here's "Death Never in Games of Thrones Never Looked So Beautiful" from Mashable. 

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