Friday, December 20, 2013

Music Friday: "Relatively Easy"

Because Isbell's album garnered my number one album for the year, I'm featuring the final song on the album, "Relatively Easy," with lyrics.

Relatively Easy
By Jason Isbell

Are you having a long day,
Everyone you meet rubs you the wrong way?
Dirty city streets smell like an ashtray.
Morning bells are ringing in your ear.

Is your brother on a church kick?
Seems like just a different kind of dopesick.
Better off to teach a dog a card trick
Than try to have a point and make it clear.

You should know, compared to people on a global scale,
Our kind has had it relatively easy.
And here with you there's always something to look forward to.
My angry heart beats relatively easy.

I lost a good friend
At Christmas time when folks go off the deep end.
His woman took the kids, and he took Klonopin,
Enough to kill a man of twice his size.
Not for me to understand.
Remember him when he was still a proud man,
A vandal's smile, a baseball in his right hand,
Nothing but the blue sky in his eye.

Still, compared to those a stone's throw away from you,
Our lives have both been relatively easy.
Take a year and make a break--there ain't that much at stake.
The answers could be relatively easy.

Watch that lucky man walk to work again.
He may not have a friend left in the world.
See him walking home again to sleep alone.
I step into a shop to buy a postcard for a girl.

I broke the law boys,
Shooting out the windows of my loft, boys.
When they picked me up I made a big noise,
Everything to blame except my mind.

I should say, I keep your picture with me everyday.
The evenings now are relatively easy.
And here with you there's always something to look forward to.
My lonely heart beats relatively easy.

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