Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday Hangover: Mississippi State

What a lackluster game. State played the Crimson Tide tough, but last night's game exemplified Alabama trying to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. 

I don't know how many third-and-longs Alabama had to deal with, but it seemed like a lot. And then when they finally got things going, something stupid would happen. McCarron had two interceptions. One might not have been a pick and was not his fault, but the other one was definitely his fault. In addition, Yeldon and Drake had one costly fumble each. Ugly. 

Lost in last night's yawnstipating performance is the fact Yeldon had a career-high 160 yards on 24 carries. 

Also, punter Cody Mandell had an outstanding game with two punts downed inside the ten and an average punt of 55 yards. Alabama needed that performance. 

Looking ahead to the Iron Bowl, what concerns me about the defense is how they played against the spreadish, zone-read offense of State's that bears some similarities to Auburn's. Auburn has a bye before they play us in Auburn, but the Crimson Tide takes on Chattanooga this coming Saturday, a game three-quarters of the Nasty family will be attending. 

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