Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunday Hangover: LSU

I'm trying to remember a game where Alabama had a second-half adjustment like they did last night, but I can't think of one. After the Tigers scored a field goal early in the third quarter after the Tide D gave LSU a bunch of gifts, the Crimson Tide pounded the ball at the LSU defense. Then they pounded it and pounded it some more. Alabama walloped the Tigers 21 to 3 in the second half. 

Besides the interception he should have secured, linebacker C. J. Mosley had an outstanding game: 12 tackles, 7 of them solo, 1.5 tackles for loss, and 2 passes broken up. In addition, he  was an integral component in Alabama's fake punt when he got the snap and handed off the ball to Jarrick Williams. 

When asked about trusting Mosley on that play in the press conference after the game, Coach Saban had this reply: "I trust C. J. to do anything -- watching my kids, taking care of my house. So faking the punt isn't that much. C. J. is so conscientious that you know he's going to execute it."

T. J. Yeldon benefited from the dominating play of the offensive line. Even when an unblocked guy was after him, he usually made him miss. 25 carries for 133 yards. 

Last year after the dramatic win versus LSU, the Crimson Tide had a serious letdown at home against A&M. I would imagine that would be a point of emphasis -- not wallowing on the past win -- this week before they travel to Starkville to take on the Bulldogs, a team that looked decent when they played against Texas A&M yesterday. 

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