Monday, May 20, 2013

Random Notes from a Crank

This past week was one where I became obsessed. On Wednesday I watered my garden as usual to find a whole row of spinach decimated. The spinach I had planted in spring was wiped out. Gone. Some bastard of a rabbit had gotten into my garden and feasted. Later in the week there were nibble marks on some of my lettuce. 

Defensive measures were taken. 

I read online somewhere that rabbits don't like kitty litter, so I poured granular stuff around the perimeter of the garden and then put together a concoction to ward off rabbits that I read about online. That sort of worked, but the next day lettuce was nibbled a bit more. On that Wednesday I also called the place where the whole family goes to get our hair cut to acquire hair clippings. I had been told that rabbits will not cross a barrier where there is human or another's animal's hair. 

On Friday I picked up the hair and arranged it around the perimeter of my garden, which was a strange task. In one grasp of hair, I'd think, "So now it's blond," in another grasp I'd think, "Now we're on to brunette," in another I'd think, "Wow, check out all that grey," and so on. 

The hair clippings seem to be working [Knock on wood.]. If I have any other problems, I'm considering building a moat. Then again, water in a moat just might attract more varmints. 

The one in the family even more obsessed than me is our dog Darby. Rabbits must be under our shed in the backyard because she's been sniffing around it for the same amount of time and "hunting wabbits" on the other side of yard by the neighbor's shed. 

Also, she's been staking out the back fence because the rabbit in the neighbor's yard is using a gap between the two fences a causeway to our other neighbor's yard. Here's Darby on stakeout yesterday.


Melissa Ames said...

Glad the hair worked. It would be a shame to get up close and personal with all those clippings (color range and all) and for it to have not worked!

Quintilian B. Nasty said...

I'm glad it worked too. I may have to acquire some more to fortify the defenses.

Babe Runner said...

I can see it now: the entire Nasty family gets crew cuts for the summer. Anything to defeat those wascally wabbits.

Quintilian B. Nasty said...

That will work for my son and me, but the lovely Nasty ladies wouldn't go for it.