Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday Hangover: Bye Week

The Crimson Tide spent this week healing up and working on fundamentals.

There were some interesting games yesterday, however. 

Florida State got outmuscled and outhustled by the Wolfpack of NC State. The ACC's best chance for a national title contender is out of the mix. 

South Carolina looked great last night by demolishing the Georgia Bulldogs, but their next two contests are versus LSU in Baton Rouge and versus Florida in Gainesville -- tough sledding.

Watching Ace Sanders from South Carolina returns kickoffs and punts makes me miss Javy Arenas. Alabama hasn't had a serious punt return threat since Javy. Now with Dee Hart out for the year because of knee injury, Alabama needs to find someone at that position. 

That Gillislee guy from Florida is one impressive running back.

One of my "friends" on FB last night said he'd like to see a National Championship Game between West Virginia and Oregon. I would hate that. That idea is dog shit. It would be horrible with their "oley bullshit" defenses.  

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