Monday, June 16, 2008

Candidates' Wives

Since the nitwits at FoxNews love bringing up Michelle Obama in downright strange and rude ways (one moronic commentator calling their fist pound a "terrorist fist jab," another calling Mrs. Obama a "baby mamma"), I thought I'd pass along this article about McCain's wife.

And it's not about Cindy McCain. 

It's about his first wife.

Click HERE for the link.


Kenson said...

The Mail??? Seems very tabloidesque.

Also, are there any editors that work there?

I would like some more background on this "mail".

Kenson said...

If what was written is completely valid, although it is a distressing situation, I would imagine that this might turn away a very small number of voters. The number turned away from McCain will never never near the number of disgruntled woman and uneducated individuals (i.e. racists) that will fail to vote for Obama due to their completely ungrounded reasons.

Wonder if this info. has or will make more mainstream press venues???

Also as a side note / observation: In a society that has a large percentage of people that follow the mentalities of: 1) What have you done for me lately, 2) Its not my fault - Its someone else's fault, 3) I am owed this because…., 4) A general lack of common sense, and 5) Got to be hot / sexy. This societal lack of common sense and accountability of many Americans will cause them to totally overlook this aspect when their eyes are on the election ballot.

Man I am starting to sound old.... ??? :)