Sunday, October 7, 2018

Sunday Hangover: Arkansas

The Crimson Tide did not punt yesterday. 

The offense had two receivers have over 100 yards receiving (Jeudy and Irv). 

To my surprise, they did have a 100-yard rusher. Harris rushed for 111 net yards on 15 carries. 

I'm sure Coach Saban will have plenty of talking points about what the team needs to improve on defense. The Hogs' Boyd had a 102 net yards rushing. That's the first time in a while that a running back gained 100 yards on the Tide. 

The Tide did give up 31 points, which will get some players into trouble in the film room. However, 14 of those points happened in the fourth quarter when second- and third-teamers were in the game. 

Still, the Tide gave up 31 points to a rebuilding Arkansas team. I worry about the next matchup versus Mizzou. 

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