Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Random Notes from a Crank

Here are some interesting stats from the March Harper's Index:
  • Number of refugees arrested in the United States on terrorism-related charges since 2001: 10
  • Number of natural-born U.S. citizens: 320
  • Portion of people who worry that a family member will be a victim of terrorism: 1/2
  • Number of people killed by political or religious extremists on U.S. soil since September 11, 2001: 93
  • Percentage of these deaths attributable to far-right-wing political extremists: 52
  • Number of times the average American checks his or her phone each day: 46

The Fix of the Washington Post has a good interview with the esteemed historian Eric Foner who answers questions about this coming presidential election. It's interesting and related to some conservative commentators' calls for establishment Republicans creating a new party. Check out "Is the GOP Really on the Verge of Breaking in Two? Here's What History Says." 

For all the bellicose talk by presidential candidates about ISIS, they need to read "Attacking ISIS Won't Make Americans Safer." 

Also in the same issue of The Atlantic, there was a very positive piece of what is going on in some parts of America. James Fallows' "How America Is Putting Itself Back Together" might brighten people's spirits. 

This satirical video is worth your time. 

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