Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sunday Hangover: Mizzou--SEC Championship

As much as national championships are major feats for a football team, winning the SEC Championship is almost as sweet. Up until last year, the SEC champion was likely to become the national champion. 

Let's hope that trend reestablishes itself after last night's game. 

The majority of Mizzou's offense was created by Mauk scrambling out of the pocket and heaving it way downfield to that damn 88, Jimmie Hunt. Unlike the Iron Bowl, the nickel and dime backs played the goat on those plays, not Eddie Jackson, who got the start at corner. 

Looking at the stat sheet, you know your team played well defensively for the most part when the leading tackler was a defensive lineman. A'Shawn Robinson had nine tackles, three of which were tackles for loss. 

Blake Sims had an outstanding game. If I remember right, he went six for six on third-down conversions when passing. Overall, he went 23 for 27 for 262 yards and threw two touchdowns. That long touchdown to DeAndrew White a beautiful pass. As usual, Cooper was out there doing Amari-Cooper things with a SEC championship record 12 receptions.

Derrick Henry was another star of the offense with 20 carries for 141 net yards and two touchdowns. Once that guy gets in open space and starts picking up some serious steam, I would hate to be a defensive back trying to tackle him. He's a beast. 

Yesterday Alabama won its 24th SEC championship. Roll Tide.

Alabama will face the Ohio State Buckeyes in the Sugar Bowl on January 1. The Big 10 champion is a hot team. 

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