Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sunday Hangover: Bye Week

Saturday night was a disappointing night. 

Mrs. Nasty went to Ole Miss, so the Rebels' loss to Auburn was difficult. Their best WR broke his ankle on a play that would have had Ole Miss go ahead in the game (if I remember right). He released the ball in pain before the ball crossed the plane, and Auburn recovered the fumble in the end zone. 

At right around the same time, the Razorbacks drove in the waning moments of their game against State. The Arkansas QB threw up a ball short in the end zone, and a Bulldog made an interception to seal a victory in Starkville. Arkansas will upset someone in the SEC this season, and they only have a few games left to do so. 

The annual cocktail party in Jacksonville was really interesting to watch though. Georgia having two losses has put the East up for grabs, and Mizzou is leading it now. 

I didn't watch much of the Notre Dame-Navy game, but I would imagine a service academy putting up all kinds of points on the Fightin' Irish isn't going to impress the AP voters and the selection committee. 

In Morgantown, West Virginia lost at the end when they probably should have won that game against TCU.

Kansas State continues to roll along. They demolished Oklahoma State last night.

 Oregon soundly defeated its consistent nemesis Stanford. 

I suspect the top four teams the selection committee will have on its board this Tuesday are Mississippi State, Florida State, Auburn, and Oregon. 

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