Monday, August 18, 2014

Stay Positive: Viking Finds

I'm very interested in the Vikings, so I'm a big fan of Brian Wood's Northlanders and I have read up on the Vikings. 

Today my oldest brother posted an article on FB about how a Viking ship, a knarr, was found near the Mississippi. 

I was excited. 

Then I did some checking. If a Viking ship was really found in the interior of the US, it would certainly be BIG news and be covered by numerous reputable media outlets. And the Memphis, TN papers didn't have anything on it. 

The article looks bogus, which is disappointing. 

But the positive aspect of this fantasy is that now I'm thinking about buying another book about Viking history. I've already read A History of the Vikings by Gwyn Jones, so I'm trying to decide among these books: The Vikings: A History by Robert Ferguson, The Vikings by Else Rosenthal, and The Viking World by James Graham-Campbell. 

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