Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Random Notes from a Crank

I've had a cold for about a week or so. Yesterday I facilitated a workshop for two hours. Later that evening, my voice started to go. I'm all hoarse. Sounds like a bout of laryngitis, which I checked out on WebMD because I've never had it before. There appears to be no reason to go to a doctor because all that person will tell me to do is drink lots of fluids and rest my voice. I don't need to waste time in a waiting room and spend money on that advice. But this ailment will certainly challenge my work tomorrow night because I teach a class from 7 to 9:30. Time to teach with my mouth shut, which is what Donald Finkel argues for

"Roll Tide" is a wonderful expression, but apparently the librarians at one of the libraries on Alabama's campus have had enough of it being yelled in the library

I've shared this commercial before, but the phrase can serve as a floating signifier

I'm looking forward to two new releases this spring: English Oceans by Drive-By Truckers and Teeth Dreams by The Hold Steady. 

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