Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday Hangover: Georgia State

I can't remember the last time I saw Alabama's second-team quarterback in the game in the second quarter. That happened yesterday because the Tide had the game well in hand. 

The coaching staff took out AJ McCarron in the second quarter to let back up Blake Sims man the reigns of the offense. The second-team guys got a lot of action yesterday, which is a good thing. 

I have a number of takeaways from the game. 

Christion Jones, DeAndrew White, Kevin Norwood, and Kenny Bell have become the number 1a, 1b, 1c and 1d receiver. Christion Jones, in particular, has had an outstanding start to the season. 

Most of last season Amari Cooper served the role of number 1 receiver. What's up with him this year? He didn't play last game, and he didn't have any numbers on the stat sheet yesterday. He played in the game--but was clearly on the second wave of wide receivers. Coach Saban has said he's "banged up" a bit, but the sophomore has not been the game-breaking presence like he was last year. Whether an attitude adjustment is needed or he just needs to heal, I hope we start seeing the Cooper from last year. 

Chris Black has seized the opportunity to play the last couple games. He looks like a serious threat at wide receiver. He caught six passes for 54 yards. 

Blake Sims finally got the chance to run the offense without only having to hand off the ball to running backs. He looked good. As Saban said, Sims got to "run the whole offense, not just a bunch of zone reads."  

Cody Mandell only punted once. 

The defense had eight tackles for loss. 

Isaac Luatua and Alphonse Taylor are massive human beings.

It looks like Kenyan Drake has taken over as the number two running back with Fowler serving as the change-of-pace "big back." 

Most people would consider Alabama's game at Kentucky a lock for the Crimson Tide, but yesterday the Wildcats put up some points on South Carolina in Columbia. The Gamecocks won by a touchdown, 35 to 28. I don't know what that score tells us. Is Kentucky actually decent, or is South Carolina overrated? Or both? 

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