Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Stay Positive: Saturn's Rings

When I was in elementary school and we studied the solar system, my favorite planet was always Saturn. I almost got seduced by Jupiter [pinky to the mouth Dr. Evil-style if you know your Greek/Roman mythology], but it's always been Saturn. 

Saturn forever, baby. 

Going by my daughter's "Space Unit Study Guide" that I found here on the kitchen table, Saturn is described in this way: "second largest gas planet; large rings of ice; has at least 52 moons." 

Not only are they large rings of ice, but they also kick ass. 

As related on a recent ENN article, "Meteors Crashing into the Rings of Saturn," the rings are the planet's protection, its bodyguard of sorts. 

Or as the first sentence, an intentional fragment, of the article relates, it's "Rocks crashing into rocks." 

That would be an awesome sight to behold: meteors getting snuffed out by Saturn's rings, rock-on-rock violence. 

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